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The opportunity of being a SINAER partner

What is the difference between SINAER and other manufacturers? There are lots of differences.

For example, our spray units:

  • are industrially manufactured but assembled with artisan methods. This ensures an obsessive attention to the care of the smallest detail. From our labs do not leave anything that is not perfect.
  • are fully certified by professionals of recognized prestige in the sector of industrial safety. We do not offer just an ordinary self-certification: all our models have been subject of study, measurements (noise, vibration, etc.) and risk assessment. The technical files are available for both customers and supervisory bodies.
  • can reach the extreme performances You can see at our YouTube channel
  • have a guarantee of price stability, since, despite the increasing price of raw materials, SINAER price increases (maximum of 2-3%, if there are any) are applied from January  1st of the following year and at least with a 3-month notice.

You can search in all Europe, but the truth is that ONLY WE have the right mentality be on the market, with innovative ideas, by investing on our new partners, by helping them giving all our commercial and technical support.

The difference between SINAER and competitive brands can not be seen after two hours of testing. So dealers will not see this difference: just the customer will see it after a week or a month of work. The  valves’ sealing, the engine warm up, the pressure stability, the entire pump body vibration, the duration of tungsten carbide shutters. And considering that I have listed just what comes to my mind right now.

What can I add? I just hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate You by facts what I have written here.

Truly Yours,

Raoul Mantini

CEO of MEDIA SPRAY Group, licensee manufacturer of “SINAER” products

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